Monday, February 23, 2009

Assembly show- Indian music

1 Who put you in this class - the school or your parents requested for it? The school requested for it.

2. Do you like to be in a music class? Why? Yes. Sometimes when I fall asleep in the car, my mother and father will wake me up and ask me to sing some songs so that i will not fall asleep. That is why I like music.

3. Are you involved in any music activities, e.g. a band member, an angklung member, a guzheng member, a guitar club member or do you play any instrument on your own? No. I play my own music instrument at home. The instrument is a paino.

4. If you are involved, do you enjoy doing all these? Why? When I go to secondary school, the instrument sometimes will help me to get into the school.

5. Now you're learning Hip Hop Dance. Do you enjoy yourself? What do you like about this special lesson? I enjoy myself. The special lesson is very fun and I get to learn more.

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