Friday, March 27, 2009

Holiday Is Over!

How you must have wished that it is still holiday time, don't you? Yes
Anyway, it's back to school and work now. Please tell me how and what you did during your one week holiday.
What was the most interesting thing you did? The most interesting thing that I did was to make paper and dry them.
How did you spend your time beside doing your homework which was assigned to you? I went to Causeway Point with my grandparents.
Now that you're back in school, what goals do you intend to achieve and how you're going to do it? For English I want to score about 85 percent, 80 for Maths, 85 for Science and 79 for Chinese. I am going to study hard to achieve my goals.


  1. What paper did you make? Was it recycled paper? Tell me how did you do it.

    Mrs Shanmugam

  2. First you have to buy paper powder, then you pour the powder in a pail and add some water. You take a thing that can crack like if you go to the market, You buy something and its like a bowl. You cut the shape you want and put the net on the thing. Then you put the thing in the water and you shack it a little bit. Then when you take it out, it will be very wet. You must let it dry in the sun or you can also use a hairdryer to dry it. When it is dry, you cannot crack it. If you want to write on it, You can just write on it. That is how I make paper.

  3. And I can bring it to school and show it to you Mrs Shanmugum.