Monday, April 6, 2009

Learning Journey to Farms

How did you feel during your visit to each farm? I felt very excited.
What did you like most? Give reason/s. I like the fish farm because my father loves fishes so he wants me to learn more about fishes.
What was it that you did not like? Give reason/s and suggestion/s to make future trip better. I did not like the vegetable farm because it was very hot and we were very hot.
What do you think of the whole learning journey? Would you recommend it to that others? Why? I think the whole learning journey was very fun and I learn alot of things. Yes, I will recommend it to others because if other people have not go to these farms, we can tell them about it and if next time if they go to the farms, they can understand what the people are saying.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I also found the greenhouse at the vegetable farm very hot. This was made worst by the scorching heat from the sun. Was I glad when we finally entered the shaded area and had a refreshing drink of lettuce and kiwi and some delicious salad. Did you like that?

    Mrs Shanmugam

  2. Yes! I took back the lettuce and kiwi drink. My parents and sister said that long time ago, they used to buy that. We loved the drink that now I am still asking my mother to buy it somewhere.