Monday, May 4, 2009


What do you mean by 'kindness'? It means that you must be very kind.
Is it important for people to be kind? Why? It is important for people to be kind because if the people who is not kind will be a gangster next time when they grow up.
How can people show their kindness? People can be polite.
Could you describe an act of kindness you have done? I have help my P1 and 2 teachers to help them carry books and I have help another friend but she is not in this school. I have helped her by picking up her comb because it lended on the floor.
How did you feel after doing that act of kindness? I felt happy.
What other act/s of kindness would you like to do either at school, at home or in the community? I would like to help my sister by finding some more pictures of us at home.
How can you yourself promote the message of kindness to your friends? I am looking forward to reading your reflection. We must be kind be others first.

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